Digitizing administrative processes to streamline and simplify bureaucratic procedures between public sector personnel and citizens. This digital transformation aims to achieve a more efficient and sustainable administration.  

Public administrations are characterized by the large number of procedures they carry out daily. Most of which require a signature, either from the staff or from the citizen: requests at citizen service offices, human resources and internal procedures are examples of the potential of the electronic signatures in administrations, which also comply with all legal guarantees.   

In this downloadable document, we can see how Ajuntament de Salou and Ajuntament de Manlleu have applied the biometric signature in the offices of citizen attention to improve administrative procedures. Thanks to our partner Peakway and the ease of integration of VIDsigner with document managers, in this case, GADD of Grupo Meana. 

Bring digitalization closer to citizens and eliminate multiple documents on paper


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